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Originally Posted by venice View Post
every year on the Jazz SuperCruise there are several large groups that wear matching original creative teeshirts on the day we club members of the performing jazz artists will wear teeshirts with their favorite artists picture on it the night of their performance which really makes it alot of fun

I like to wear teeshirts during the day on my cruises because very often it will generate conversations and serve as icebreakers..whenever I wear my NOLA Special Olympics, United States Air Force Academy (with the F-15 on front), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival,Greek Festival and my Angola Prison Rodeo teeshirt (which generates alot of questions), I meet and make new cruising friends I never wear a plain teeshirt on a cruise

my question..what are your favorite teeshirts that you like to wear on your cruise...and what teeshirts have you seen other cruisers wear that you thought were really funny or enjoyed ?
Interesting that you chose to post this today as my better half and I have been debating my shipboard attire . I am a teeshirt person ,she is not and her feeling is that teeshirts should not be worn on the cruise .
My favorite tee shirts are :

1) A picture of a lighthouse from my town along with the American flag
2) Johnson Space Center
3) A Bert Wills shirt
4) Red Dog Saloon (Alaska)
5) Abbey Road Photo

I recently bought 7 tee shirts that I plan to wear on the cruise
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