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Originally Posted by rjsmom View Post
To All the Smokers on Board; just remember that we as non-smokers are not trying to take away your rights. Just please remember that we have rights too. I cruise twice a year and my biggest problems with smokers on board (SOME NOT ALL) , is the way they pretend not to see the signs on board that say CLEARLY NON_SMOKING AREA. The casino is one place that all ships have a non-smoking section. And yes the smoke is going to permiate the air in the casino. However when you are in a non-smoking area and your smoke is going in my face and up my nose I have to draw the line and say please move. Also on most every deck on a ship the Starboard or Portside (depending on line ) is designated NON_SMOKING. But again we have a problem when unconsiderate smokers pretend not to read or just plain ignore the signs. Sorry to all the smokers who take offense to this, and if by chance you are one of the few who can't read or find a non-smoking sign, all the crew can help you out on this one. THANKS FOR NOT RUINING MY CRUISE, WE ALL HAVE RIGHTS !!!!! CK

I'm not a smoker, but a Cruise Ship Hotel Director who has to hear the multitude of complaints about smoking.

You mention that some smokers PRETEND not to see the smoking signs.
You may be correct - or maybe they are just not paying attention.
Then you say that "the casino is one place that all ships have a non-smoking section".

That is just not true. Many of the 23 cruise ships I have managed in my career do not have a no smoking section. Could it be that you are also PRETENDING not to see the signs -or maybe you are not paying attention either?
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