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Default Hello!!

We actually rented mopeds for the day and honestly was the best thing we did on our entire princess cruise.. right when you get off the ship there are tons of places to rent mopeds.. they make you go around the block (or whatever you may call it) so you can get used to the bikes. I have never ridden one before this time, and got used to it by the 2nd loop around. I had a blast the entire rest of the day. Not only did we go to Horseshoe (Sp??) Bay and swim, but we drove around the entire day, get photo ops, and ate at a local restaurant (I had to go to a local restaurant my best friend grew up at and went to all the time with her family when she grew up in bermuda, food=yumm!!) it was honestly the best thing we spent our money on. I beleive it came to 75$ a person for the day, it didnt even take 10$ to fill the tank and we didnt even use more than a quarter tank all day good luck!

also, they have double mopeds too if you have children, or want to be on the same moped throughout the day!
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