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Originally Posted by You View Post
Are you all set for your cruise days in advance or are you likely to still be packing moments before you board ?
I usually pack on the day before departure, though I try to get things ready to pack (clothes laundered and pressed, travel tolietry containers refilled, etc.) well before that.

On my last cruise, though, I was really down to the wire, as I had a full workday on Friday and an event on Friday evening with a taxi coming at 04:00 to take me to the airport for a 06:00 departure on Saturday morning. Fortunately, I managed to get everything ready to pack on Thursday evening, as I arrived home from the event at 01:00. I finished packing at 03:45, set the lights on the timers, slept quite soundly on the plane, and got a much needed shower and shave after embarking aboard the ship. I really would have preferred a good night's sleep in the comfort of my own bed, of course, but it wasn't to happen.

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