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Originally Posted by You View Post
I like to wear teeshirts during the day on my cruises because very often it will generate conversations and serve as icebreakers..whenever I wear my NOLA Special Olympics, United States Air Force Academy (with the F-15 on front), New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival,Greek Festival and my Angola Prison Rodeo teeshirt (which generates alot of questions), I meet and make new cruising friends I never wear a plain teeshirt on a cruise

my question..what are your favorite teeshirts that you like to wear on your cruise...and what teeshirts have you seen other cruisers wear that you thought were really funny or enjoyed ?
No, there are no "T" shirts whatsoever in my cruise wardrobe, and I refuse to buy "T" shirts when on cruise!

But actually, I achieve the same end as your "T" shirts by wearing <i> polo </i> (or golf) shirts that a logo or design of some personal significance on the left side of the chest. Many of my polo shirts are souvenirs from my travels or from other significant events (I just bought a polo shirt commemorating this year's Stanley Cup championship going to the Boston Bruins).

So, why polo shirts instead of "T" shirts?

Two reasons.

>> 1. The normative standard of dress in my office is "business casual," which means shirts <i> with collars </I> and dress slacks for gents. Polo shirts are acceptable, but "T" shirts are not.

>> 2. Likewise, "casual" (or "smart casual") evenings on a cruise generally require shirts <i> with collars </i> -- either sport shirts or polo shirts -- but polo shirts have the advantage of also being suitable for wear over a swimsuit if one is going to the beach or the pool. Thus, by bringing polo shirts, I need only one "casual" shirt per day rather than two.

Of course, those who plan to work out at the fitness center or who jog will want to bring "T" shirts and gym shorts as part of their workout gear....

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