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Unfortunately it seems you love to write negative about Puerto vallarta while not even living there!!!! I have read your postings on other boards too and it would be nice if you would stick to Acapulco.
I am in almost daily contact with PVR and the place is as safe as ever. There are plenty of places in the world that are far more dangerous and cruiseships keep sailing there. Look at the serious drugsproblems Puerto Rico is having at the moment, also cruise-passengers are having problems in Naples, Rome, Barcelona etc.
This apart from the many incidents happening in the USA.
Donot keep repeating incidents that have happened months ago and have NOTHING to do with harming tourists or cruise-passengers.
It is very strange that Princess makes decision in JUNE re sailing that are taking place in November and December. That cannot be re safety in vallarta , but a business decision to cut costs.
Amazing also that a dutch chartercompany will start to fly every week starting November.
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