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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

The scenery in Alaska seems to grow progressively more spectacular as you move northward. Thus, I think that it's best to do the cruise-tour in the northward direction rather than the southward direction. This places the land tour segment after the cruise segment rather than before.

That said, the land portion of a cruise-tour package tends to be pretty expensive. As an alternative, consider doing the land portion on your own. The main roads in Alaska are well maintained, so it's no problem to rent a car and drive yourself, but you can also book travel on the Alaska Railroad if you prefer. I do recommend reserving your lodging before you go, though -- summer is the peak tourist season and points in Alaska are pretty far apart, so it may be a long way to a hotel with rooms available if you encounter "no vacancy" signs and don't have a reservation where you were planning to stay.

If I was to visit Alaska again, I would not cruise and organise a land trip.

How I could incorporate Glacier Bay - I would have to research.

Denali and GB make Alaska worth the trip; the rest - .......... ?????

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