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Originally Posted by Acapulco Kevin View Post
Snoozeman I want to strongly thank you for your honesty. It is very rare for travel forum / blog moderators to admit crime is happening against tourists and even more rare to admit that they have financial interests in any destination.

Ine - crime happens everywhere. I agree 100%. What I do not agree with is Puerto Vallarta being a safe, innocent place for tourists. No one... Not even the most seasoned traveler to PV thinks it is a good idea to venture out of areas commonly referred to as "Tourist zones". Virtually every town within a 200 mile radius has a US State Department travel warning and trust me - some of the most gruesome crimes known to God and man are happening all around Puerto Vallarta.

I want you to think of the series of movies named SAW. The movies are horrific, graphic, people are tortured in ways that make water boarding seem like a fun day in the park. The very worst chapters of the SAW movies are what is happening in Mexico. I know this for a fact - I have the videos and pictures to prove it. As a matter of fact, I have footage so gruesome that I wont publish it.

Tourist Area is a misnomer. It is a false sense of security for misinformed people. The Zetas, Sinaloa Cartel, La Familia Cartel - they do not care about something you call a Tourist area. They will show up on any beach and shoot someone in the head and they do not care who is watching.

Ine you mention Perto Rico as a comparison - If you can list even one person beheaded or skinned alive in Puerto Rico then you will have won your case.

It is not so much that crimes happen - People compare crimes in the USA to Mexico almost daily. It is the nature of the crimes. When was the last time you heard of 20 people being dismembered, beheaded and buried in mass graves in the USA? I hear of these events happening almost daily in Mexico and I can prove it with footage that would give you post traumatic shock disorder.

It is not that Puerto Vallarta is specifically unsafe - it is the entire country of Mexico. So much is unreported that the exclusion of facts should be a criminal act.
Ya right I think you full of it;-)
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