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Unhappy Driving Alaska

Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

That said, the land portion of a cruise-tour package tends to be pretty expensive. As an alternative, consider doing the land portion on your own. The main roads in Alaska are well maintained, so it's no problem to rent a car and drive yourself, but you can also book travel on the Alaska Railroad if you prefer.
Well, Norm, it is like this ...

We are people who like to cruise because we don't have to worry, don't have to make decisions, just relax and let the staff take care of us.

Now we don't get quite that service on a cruisetour, but it is considerably better than driving ourselves!

And as far as trying to save money -- I penciled it out before our tour, and it just doesn't work unless you are staying in budget rate dumps and eating peanut butter sandwiches. A first class driving tour worked out to be as expensive if not more expensive than a cruise tour.

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