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Originally Posted by PVdiva View Post
This will not win me any points but it is MOOT point, not MUTe.

Second, it is obvious neither of you Kevin or Snoozman (moderator) have spent much time in Puerto Vallarta. It is sad how people who spend a week here or a day once a year are suddenly experts. I am also pretty sure neither of you Speak Spanish or know much of the culture. Neither of you score points on logic either.

Murders ARE reported as they are up "there" We are not simpletons here nor is it the Wild West, and we do have detective and a forensic science department.Which you would know if you spoke Spanish, read the newspapers and had a clue.

Death certificates are mandatory here as there and 99% of the deaths are reported so family members can "take care of business"-such as burial, wills, transferring of property, taxes, Afore, investments, re-marriage, etc. etc. etc.

Snoozman you deserve a slap on the wrist for not knowing what you speak of and for allowing this whack-a-doodle Kevin to even have a voice. Do what your competitor, Crusie Critic did and ban him.

I am sure you will delete this since it may offend you but I hope you learn a lesson in what is "moot", what is "truth" and what is "reality" in Puerto Vallarta. As well, to back up what you state, how many days a year are you hear and how is your Spanish?

BTW_ there have been murders in the US in the same proximity of the docks there as in Mazatlan but it does not stop them from departing that port. Logic? No...... Money.....yes.
Common sense is hard to find these days, I guess.
I don't claim to be an expert on PV at all...far from it. I did not even mention PV other than to say it was my favorite port of those mentioned. What are you talking about?

BTW--my Spanish is not great nor my English I guess, but I have employees who speak Spanish as a 1st language. But that has nothing to do with crime in Mexico.
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