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Question Need your Honest Opinion, especially if you work on HR

Im from the US. I took a tech job on the ship on an NCL cruise ship about 1 year ago. It was great for the first week but then I realized that the staff I was with was nothing but low-life's from Philippines and India. Lets just say that they try hard to stick it to other staff that we are officers with stripes and they are not. My boss, from the Philippines comes to work drunk and his got a bottle of vodka hidden in the office cabinet. The 55 yo indian guy i worked with slept with 18 year old spa girls from new zealand, he is married and has 2 kids. My boss also didnt follow work rules and had me work longer than what ive signed up for. For him it was okay, to go to the cabin crew, drink and party a little bit around 10:00PM and get back to work until 3am. I couldn't take his management style and the lack of professionalism and decided to bail.

I abandoned ship, I left at the next port without notice. I got my own tickets back to the US 2 days later. It was a big hoopla back then, the fact that I just left the ship without notice, but it all cleared out in the end. I work only a month at that ship.

Obviously the NCL headquarters where not happy with this. I did file a report on what transpired and was told that they will investigate. Nothing else came about from it.

Now im interested in another rendezvous on another cruise ship. Im hoping this time that I wont run into terrible staff.

My questions are:

1. Is there a reporting system for all the cruise ships to check, that if they do a background check on me. It will show that I abandoned ship? without the proper notices?

2. How do I clear my name from this list? Is it easily accessible?

Thanks for the help and advise

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