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Default The truth about Steiner...

Originally Posted by curlysue View Post
took a job aboard a cruise ship. Once onboard you are at the mercy of the company. They do not adhere to working hours. There are constant threats of being fired if you dare complain.The spa managers are power hungry bitter women who use that power to control and manipulate staff.One manager (Erica McEvitt) treated the spa as her own brothel-hooking up girls with the officers.She obviously got something in return ?Money
If girls refused life onboard would become hell for them.This woman had power because of her connections with people onboard.
Steiner does not care about anyhing as long as they get money. They throw people off at the gangway with no money or travel arrangements.There is no notice period.YOu can be told one morning that you are fired and you need to get of fthe ship that day. They dont give you your pay and theres nothing you can do. The services are a sham.. Cooking oil is used for massage and people are expected to pau $150 for it.
On 2 of the ships I worked on the galvanic machines(for facials) were broken bus still used on the clients...and the staff had to pretend that they were working. Steiner is the company with probably the worst work ethic in the world. There are not much more than a gang of thugs with a company that is listed on the stock exchange! And when you work for them you are at their mercy....remember that before signing the contract(which is totally illegal- and they only get away with it because they trade at sea)
Yes,thats right.I was in Steiner training academy in London and i left them.These people are not professional and not experienced.They hire some girls who have not experience and teach them a few days how to do massage.I was shoked. They insist a heavy make up ,so i told them that I am not a prostitute,but a professional massage therapist. Their products are terrible ,contain preservatives and chemicals ,but steiner pretend to sell natural products. They dont have professional ethic and treat people like a dogs. So,I decided to leave this terrible company.
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