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I'm personally not a fan of the west coast of Mexico. Have been there several times and wouldn't rush back. On the other hand I have several friends who own winter homes there, and return year after year. That's all personal taste, and that's fine.

However I do think it would be foolish for anyone to ignore the fact there is massive drug cartel violence in Mexico. It's major world wide news that it is going on, and to date the government seems powerless to stop it.

All over the world there is violence, and you take your chances, but not active warfare like the Cartels are waging.

I don't think many tourists are flooding to Afghanastan to get in between the Taliban and US cartels.

No one can avoid it if random voilence happens anywhere. To intentionally put yourself in a region with a publicized war going on for the sake of a vacation is stupid imho.
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