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Since you pretend to know who the other - fake -posters in Acapulco are, why not state them on this board.
DONOT accuse others who give their honest version about a.o. Puerto Vallarta and Mexico as fake since you donot know me or probably any of the other persons.
I am a resident of The Netherlands who traveled a lot allover the world, cruising and-or landvacations. Since a few years Puerto Vallarta is one of our favorite destinations. We have showed many friends around here and they also know better now. Crime in one city doesnot make a whole region dangerous.
Bringing in Afghanistan by Kuki is to say the least very tasteless. That is a real war based on different principels.
As stated I go back within a few weeks for a vacation. This time with our daughter, her husband and kids who are looking forward to this too. We are sure we will have a great time. I can tell you this will be my last posting re Mexico since I think it is useless to continue a YES or NO discussion.
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