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Originally Posted by Acapulco Kevin View Post
It wasn't just a Canadian man being murdered and robbed.
The "Canadian resident" was living in PV. This article from a Guadalajara newspaper says his wife was away taking their children to school when the crime happened: Canadian man killed in home robbery | Guadalajara Reporter

It seems to me both sides, ("reporters" and "destination experts") are doing a bit of sensationalizing here. I have no love for the glossed over reporting I see in the travel trade where nothing is ever wrong, but I also don't agree with doing the exact opposite.

The fact is that fuel IS more expensive and PV is the furthest port on the Mexican Riviera. If you are cancelling Mazatlan you might as well cancel PV which is further down the coast.

If anything, the cruise line is basing their decision solely on market research. If there was demand to go to PV they would still go there.

How can anyone overlook the fact that an actual cruise passenger was killed by gang violence in St. Thomas just a year ago. A 14-year old girl died as a result of crossfire between local gangs. Many cruise passengers specifically have been targetted in Jamaica and Nassau - whole busloads being robbed and brutally attacked. Yet ships still go there.

No local Mexicans have ever held up a busload of cruise passengers, yet this has happened in Jamaica four or five times now, going back to the 1990s.

Bottom line is that the demand to go to those Mexican towns has just dropped because the cruise lines have never found exciting and safge shore excursions to offer there.

The cruise lines depend on local tour providers to offer cruise passengers fun things to do. I have been saying for YEARS that a lot of money could be made in Mexico if someone had the foresight to create fun and safe shore excursions. But still, after decades, the only thing ever offered in mazatlan was taking a taxi to the pitiful shopping district called the "Gold Coast" at $15 each direction.

If you shuttles to safe tourist zones like Ixcaret or Chakanaab (in Cancun and Cozumel, respectively) then the demand to visit these cities would be much higher.
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