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I like the idea of the drink packages but I could never cost justify them. At $658 my wife and I would be much better off doing a "pay as you go". I will have a premium coffee each morning plus I will drink four or five sodas each day and maybe one or two drinks per day. My wife will probably have four or five mixed drinks per day. This works out to about $25/day for me and $35-$40/day for her. We also have a bottle of wine two or three times on a cruise for a total around $100. That is a total of $65/day and on a 12 day cruise and $100 for wine. The total for that would be around $880. With the premium drink package at $658/pp it isn't worth it. When I have a cocktail I drink the good swill.

For someone who drinks seven or eight top shelf drinks per day it would be worth it but otherwise it's best to pay as you go.

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