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Exclamation Telling the guide

Originally Posted by Tony Scott View Post

We didn't object to the religous call - a thanks for lunch would have been nice but the sleeping on the job was a bit much.

He did take us to a carpet place - said he had to to save face.

We felt uncomfortable because we did not want to buy but did the viewing- it is just hard telling them we were not interested.
Well, it was sort of hard to tell that you did not object to the religious break as it was listed among a lot of things you apparently did object to.

Honestly I don't understand why some people hire a private guide and then don't like the places he takes them. He is YOUR guide taking you where YOU want to go.

Now it happens that we like carpet places and usually find them very interesting. However on our last time in Ephesus, we simply told our guide, "no carpets" and that was that. He offered instead to take us to a ceramic shop and we did take him up on that and it was indeed very interesting and we bought a few places. But we were very clear, and he perfectly understood, that we were going where WE wanted to go and that was his job. And for following our wishes he got a very nice tip at the end.

When I have hired someone and when I am paying the bill, I do not for a minute feel uncomfortable telling them where we want to go. And to go back to the original question, when we toured with Kagan in Istanbul, we designed the tour completely the way we wanted and he did an outstanding job of arranging just what we wanted to do ... with no carpet stop, incidentally.

I guess over many years of cruising and touring we have learned how we like things to work and have excellent success in finding guides.

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