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You all know I worked onboard ships as a stage manager - five different ships in all.

We all also know how young women like to eat.

It was always interesting to watch the dancers in the companies onboard come on slim as rail, fresh from their auditions and a month of daily rehearsals. But once they get onboard the rehearsals stop (because they do the same shows every week, a few times), and they have all day to do very little.

After six months or so you usually start to see the saddlebags coming back.

On Holland America I could not resist the ice cream and fresh baked cookies they put out at lunchtime. SO good.

Also - my favorite thing in the world is dunking pastries in coffee. Its sinful, because there is no way you can avoid looking like a slob when you do it (the coffee will always drip on your shirt and crumbs go everywhere). I often hear people laughing audibly when I do this - oh well.
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