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She will walk out of jail Thursday, but where will she go? To her parents home, where she accused her Dad & briother of sexual abuse,and where Caley's bedroom, is still as it was the day she went missing? I don't think so! To the female lawyer, who continuously patted her, and, consoled her all during the trial, and, sobbed when the verdict came down, maybe. Where can she go in Orlando, without being stoned, with words of shame? She can run, but, she cannot hide.

The morning news shows, and talk shows are salivating right now to book her, and she will do them if paid highly, because who will hire her? A book and tv movie will be out before we blink. She is immune from the Son of Sam law, so she will do it all and save her pennies if she has a brain in her head.

Nancy Grace, while no smoke is coming out of her head now..wait till her show tonight...her head may explode.

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