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Originally Posted by You View Post
I am hearing talk about formal wear and such, but does it matter what you wear during the day when you're hanging around the boat? Some people talk about wearing nice polo shirts and such. When imagining the ship, I've always pictured people walking around with bathing suits with clothes over it or something, you know? Tee shirts and stuff. Is it more appropriate to wear something a little more than tee shirts and shorts?
Shipboard dress tends to vary from cruise line to cruise line and from destination to destination, but I can state a few general guidelines.

>> 1. Shorts and "T" shirts are generally acceptable for daytime wear. However, gents generally must wear shirts with collars on "casual' (or "smart casual") evenings. Polo or golf shirts offer the advantage of being acceptable at the "casual" evenings while still being casual enough to wear over a swimsuit or with shorts.

>> 2. Bathing suits are generally acceptable only in and around the pool areas. Most cruise lines state that they require some sort of cover-up over a bathing suit in the buffet restuarant located near to the pool area. To what extent they enforce this is another matter. Also, this does not apply to the grill and beverage stations located within the pool area.

>> 3. Some cruise lines forbid bluejeans and/or wearing of baseball caps in the main dining room, even at breakfast and lunch.

On cruises to warm climates, I tend to wear polo shirts with shorts (over a bathing suit when I'm going to or from the pool) during the day, as this minimizes the amount of clothing that I have to pack.

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