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I pack the whole range of clothing options and wear what's appropriate for the occasion, which can really vary, but is almost always pretty obvious. I'm not one to say "it's my vacation, I'll wear a T'shirt in the MDR if I want to". Don't understand people who make their own rules. I personally feel like a real rube if I accidentally show up in the wrong garb, so I can understand where the original question is coming from...

The real deal for me, is I'll wear a t-shirt around the ship, but it's one of my nicer ones, not my lucky softball T that doesn't fit too well anymore, and has holes in it and the big stain on the front. I always pack my nicer, crisper, newer polos, not the ratty old faded ones that are REALLY broken in. Same with my touristy tropical shirts. Before I cruise I check my suits and dress shirts and make a trip to the dry cleaner if needed.

It may sound like it, but I'm really not a clothes snob, and I dress pretty "comfortable" at home. My office is even very casual, and in the summer you'll usually find me in shorts and a golf shirt. I'm pretty much a "Good ol' boy" from Texas. That being said, to me a cruise is a special, festive occasion, and I try to put my best foot forward, whether I'm in a swim suit by the pool, or having dinner on a formal night. I steer away from my collection of 'wife beater' sleeveless Ts, speedos, and anything that's seen better days and looks ready to go in the goodwill box.

I'm being a little tongue-in-cheek....
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