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May as well add my nickel's worth, for what it's worth.
I'm not surprised at the verdict, although I do believe she is guilty, it didn't seem to be enough proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I watched the summation by both the defense and the prosecutor and I think the defense really out did the prosecution in the summation and I think that really had some influence on the jury.
Personally, I don't think cameras should have been allowed into the court room from day one--we don't need a murder trail turned into a soap opera such as the O.J trial and now this one, or any other one for that matter.
As far as anymore jail time, she'll walk Thursday with no more time to serve.
As far as what she does, she will keep a low profile for a couple of weeks, then in the meantime, be working with an agent ( possibly her defense attorney ) on a book / movie / talk show deals / circuits, etc and make a fortune . Wouldn't surprise me to see her and the esteemed defense attorney snuggling up with each other in a few weeks.
Just my opinion but the sad thing remains--a small child was murdered and somewhere the killer walks free. A sad day for justice, if there is such a thing left in this country.
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