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Day 2, Onshore day at Cococay,,,

Yep! Like you all said, it's about attitude and I chalked up the 1st day to me being in a new situation with a few wrinkles. I will say this, I was nothing but respectful to the crew all week and all but 1 back to me. Anyway,,,

I woke up at 9:30 promptly per my wake up call. I decided right then and there that this wasn't going to get magical for me without some input from myself and was determined to make the best of it and have a good time! Breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and potatoes with OJ and coffee arrived at my door soon after I woke per me filling out a breakfast order card the night before. I cannot tell you the name of the person that brought it because it was a different person most days. I tipped 3 dollars every time room service came. They were very nice and very prompt.

Time to go ashore. We were tendered to Cococay. I found it impressive with how they used your "Seapass card" for just about everything on the ship. They swipe it everytime you leave or come back on the ship. They always know exactly who is on and off the ship at any time. The Island was nice. We didn't do a lot of the excursions today as everyone just wanted to get in the water and get some sun by the beach. We did buy a few trinkets at the little stands and walked the Island. Near noon it was time for lunch and I am sure it would have been great but at the exact time they rang the lunch bell someone must have danced a rain dance because it started to rain. I'm not talking sprinkles here and there or a quick 10 minute little shower. IT RAINED! It lasted for about an hour with everyone huddled under any roof they could find. I found this odd because I was having a good time in the rain. There was no thunder or lightning, we were already basically wet and the rain was warm. I pretty much put my baseball cap on to keep the water out of my eyes and continued having fun. I ate a couple of pieces of chicken and a few BBQ'd ribs. They were actually very good although wet! lol At least a quarter of the people made a beeline to the tenders to go back to the ship when the rain started coming down in force leaving us with even more room on the Island for the last few hours of sunshine. I DID make one decision at this time, I along with most everyone else "signed out" a beach towel from the ship. If you lost that towel, they would charge you $25. I decided that my bathroom towels were just as nice so I used those the rest of the cruise for any offshore excursion.

About 6:30pm, we tendered back to the ship. It really is quite impressive as you get closer and closer to the ship. Just the size of the ship when you are at the 1st floor gangway and right next to the ship. We went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. We had a late dinner call because by the time we booked, all you more experienced cruisers knew to hurry and book the good times. Our dinner time was 8:30 and I never eat later than 7pm. It really didn't matter to me much though. Our waiter was Tyrone. He couldn't have been nicer. Our group of 8 ordered just about everything on the menu so we were able to try everything and what we didn't, Tyrone made sure to bring so we could. Let me say this about the food. In the dining room I found it "VERY GOOD". Some of it "GREAT" and some just "GOOD" but nothing was "BAD" tasting. Presentation was great on just about everything though. I had absolutely NO complaints with the food in dining. Our drink waiter DID have our drinks right in front of us before we could even order them. I was pretty loaded with all the food we ate and how late we ate it. It's not a negative comment, it's just how I personally eat and decided that from then on I would have my dinner in the Windjammer/Jade but still make the dining room to be with my family and friends and nibble on a few things that I wanted to taste. I know there was an "Eat at your time" thing but it was a little confusing and it didn't seem worth it to ME to mess around with when I could just eat in the Windjammer at MY whim and convenience. No biggie.

The Windjammer: I found it very convenient! There was a diverse and large selection to choose from. The food there was mostly "GOOD". I would find a few things that were "VERY GOOD". I don't know if the reason is that I am from northern Indiana but I found the Sushi at Jade to be "VERY GOOD" and rival some of our better Sushi restaurants here at home. Nothing in the Windjammer in my opinion was not very good. I enjoyed it very much! I had not tried Portofino's or Chops mainly because, it just was not in my budget as I had already had to entertain my DD17 in Orlando 2 days before we shipped and would have to again 3 days after we got back off the ship. Like I said, no biggie to me, the food everywhere else was more than satisfying!

Day 2 to be continued.
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