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Day 2 continued,,,

Let me put this out there, I am a drinker so I knew there was going to be some drinking going on.

Anyway, there were many things to do this night and before our dining time, most of my group went to see the "Marquee" show. I skipped that to get my bearings on the ship and explore. I got an understanding of things and how to get around pretty quickly. Like I said, the Map Monitors next to every elevator were wonderful! Oh, also, if you are claustrophobic at all, those elevators will cure you of it! lol During the day and after most dinners and shows, you will be squeezed in with a full car so get close and get to know your shipmates! Once I got the layout of the land, I felt much more comfortable and at ease.

DD17 decided that she was going to stay in her cousins stateroom everynight. 3 teenage girls in 1 room? Hmmmm,,,, Well, I didn't really mind as she is almost 18 and a pretty responsible kid. Gave me more room anyway. I did keep a good eye out on them though. It seemed like they're "hangout" most nights after the shows, dinner and family time was Ben And Jerry's Icecream shop in the Royal Promenade. After the first night, they had already made friends there and hung out watching the boys stroll by.

This night we (brother, his wife and a female friend) checked out most of the bars and clubs. My favorite was the Schooner Bar although we did have fun dancing at The Crypt. I did find it odd the theme of the disco club The Crypt. Everywhere else had a lite, fun feel but the Crypt had a dark undertone like it was Dracula's Lair or something. Not that it bothered me at all, I just found it odd. Anyway, it was the place to dance and stay out late. While everyone else in my group had gone to bed (@1:30 or so) I stopped by and checked out the Casino to lose about 20 bucks in Texas Hold'em Poker. I had a certain amount that I would be willing to lose in the Casino per day so as long as I was having fun I didn't mind. Day 3 will be a full day at sea so I stayed out fairly late because I could sleep in (if you call 9:30 sleeping in) lol.

I am sure I am forgetting a thing or 2 but will try to remember the main points. I kept all of my Cruise Compass' to jar my memory. I found this invaluable too! Great way to plan out a day or evening.

The last point here I will bring up is the room cleaning staff. I hardly ever saw them other than a few quick times of me running in and out of my room as I was hardly ever in my room this day and night. Although I do know they came in twice a day, cleaned, straightened up and refill towel bars and such. Around 2 am back in my room, I noticed none of the famous towel animals I have heard about so many times. (This changed the next night for the rest of the cruise though) Having a great time!

A day full of sun, water, food, drinks and fun!

Day 3 next!
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