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Day 3

I had to wake up a bit earlier than I had planned because I had remembered at the last minute that we had the Cruise Critics Meet and Greet. I hurried, brushed my teeth, threw some clothes on and went up to the meeting. The blond asst. cruise director was there and offered everyone coffee and donuts. There were probably around 15 people there and everyone sitting apart from one another. Now, I am not shy so I started talking to everyone. I finally saw Rev there and said hello. The female asst. cruise director (who was Australian and really cute!) introduced herself and welcomed everyone. She then suddenly just left. I thought maybe she would go around the room with her microphone and have everyone introduce themselves to break the ice. That's what I would have done. Anyway, some mixed and mingled for a bit and it was all over in about 30 minutes. Everyone I spoke with were really nice! BTW, we had name tags we filled out but no way to stick them on our clothes. So they were pretty useless.

On the Freedom for a full day at Sea!

The first time I really paid attention to who the Cruise Director was. His name is Graham Seymour. I turned on my TV one morning and there he was with his morning show. The guy is literally off his rocker and extremely funny! I don't know how much he gets paid but he could probably make a decent living as a stand up comedian. Anyway, I forwent my room service breakfast and decided to try the WJ breakfast. It was fine. The usual, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage and omelets made to order. I heard later that you could ask for eggs over easy but I didn't know that at the time that I could do that or I would have. I will say this, the biscuit gravy left alot to be desired. It honestly was not very good, at least not compared to my neck of the woods. It was watery with not alot of flavor. Still, it's breakfast and it was fine.

Of course this is the day to do the pool stuff. I got in my swim trunks, lathered in 30 SPF and took my camera, Seapass card and sunglasses and we headed for the pools! It was exactly what I had expected. Full of people drinking, sunning and having a great time! The Poolside band called Vybes 4 I believe, was very good at the "Island Music". I was under no delusion thinking that I could go out there at 11am and find poolside deckchairs open and available. I would however have had no problem moving a towel if one was sitting there with noone around for over an hour. Surprisingly though, I found open chairs a couple rows back from the pool and on the second deck. I was satisfied with that and this day I got a bit of a Tan ummm, I mean burn in! lol There was a TON of things to do on ship this day but I just wanted water, sun and lady watching.

They had plenty poolside stuff going on as well. This day was the Sexiest Man Competition which I stayed out of (wanting to give the younger guys a chance you know ) And they had the Ice Carving Demo which was pretty cool (pardon the pun) because I've never seen anyone do it before. My ugly mug actually got some camera time as the ships crew were taping the ice carving. I am the guy at the very end of the video on the upper left hand side. At about 3 or 4 I went back up to my room to shower, cool down and take a quick nap as I was tired. Caribbean sun really takes it out of you. At no time around the pool did I ever need or use the sign out blue towels. After I got out of the water the sun and wind would dry me right off. I kind of noticed the ship was somewhat sectioned. The rear of the ship (Aft?) was mainly for the noisy things such as the kids zone, teen activities, sports and such. Middle was mainly geared toward shops, family activities, restaurants and such while the front (Fore?) was for the quiet things. The quiet lounges, adult pool and such.

After a quick nap a friend and I then went to dinner in the Windjammer. During my meal a waiter asked if I wanted anything. I told him that I heard people on rave about a dish called Honey Stung Chicken. He left and returned with a chef. The Chef said that they were making that tomorrow night but would make me one NOW. I told him he didn't have to do that but he insisted. I honestly have no idea what some of the people who have raved about this is talking about! It was honey breaded chicken breast with a thousand island type of dipping sauce. I found it average at best. *shrugging

I and a friend were going to see the Big Show which happened to be the musical stylings of the rock band Foreigner's ex guitarist Domenick Allen. He played all the old hits and some others. He brought his wife and his 10 year old daughter up to sing with him. His wife is a Broadway singer so I was not surprised at her talent, the daughter had a few solo's and she was really good! Shocked me! The show was very good! We then met my brother and the rest of our party at their dinner time to sit with them and try some of the deserts. I really did not mind having to meet up with them while they ate at 8:30pm for some quality family and friends time. Afterwards at around 10:45 the Cruise Directors and staff had a big show in the Royal Promenade called Rock Britannia Street Party which was a big festival featuring them dancing and singing to british rock music. It was a great show!! Some drinking afterwards and everyone went to bed around midnight to be up early for St. Thomas the next day. Everyone except me!

I went to the Casino and played 20 bucks worth of slots. After losing around 11 bucks and after trying different machines, I HIT $138.00 ON A QUARTER MACHINE!! YeeHawwww!! I then stopped and went to bed! Great day! When I usually go back to my room, I usually have another beer and relax for a bit before hitting the pillow. This night I watched the channel where it shows all of the ships directions, weather and heading. I noticed the last 3 days we were pretty much a steady 18-20 knots. I mention this only because it is interesting later in this thread about how and why we slowed down.

Day 4 coming up,,,
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