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St. Thomas Continued,,,

We have decided to accept our taxi driver, FITZ'S, generous offer to give us the "Grand Fitz Tour" after he seen all of our plans unravel.

The first place he took us was to a tourist place on top of one of the highest point on St. Thomas named (I believe) Banana Margarita's (or something to that effect). It had an absolutely beautiful view. I knew it was a tourist trap but I loved it. Very relaxing, good drinks and fabulous view. We stayed there for a while. Then off to downtown because some in my group wanted to do some shopping but before that, FITZ took us to some other parts of the Island and told us stories and facts. He was very knowledgeable and very funny. After the shopping in which he left us and was back right where we asked him to be at the time we wanted. We were getting very hungry. He took us to a place called Cuzzin's for some authentic Caribbean cuisine. It was a little hole in the wall, bar kind of place. I told the waitress to choose my late lunch/early dinner for me. She came back with a spicy chicken dish with rice. It was awesome and better than anything I ate on the ship! We met 2 African American females there, one named Raven. They were very vibrant and fun loving, laughing and having a great time! Raven explained to me that she missed the cruise ship and flew from Florida to St. Thomas to meet up with her friends and the ship. (There's a later reason I am pointing this out). We were done eating and went to meet up near "Little Switzerland" with FITZ to take us back to the ship. FITZ showed us a lot of things we may have missed and generosity in our time of need and we made sure he knew it when it came time to pay him and tip him! Back to the ship. No problems getting back on. The crazy scene that was out there when we disembarked was now quiet with cruisers slowly meandering back to the pier.


It was now around 6pm and we had to hurry to get showered and ready for the 7pm show tonight which was the FREEDOM-ICE.COM Ice Show. We got there early enough to get some decent seats at the Studio B Ice Rink. They were awesome! It really is amazing what they can do in such a smaller space. Obviously, the rink is not a regular full size rink and every time one of the skaters did a triple or double, I would swear they were going to run out of ice but nope, they elegantly pulled it out at the nick of time. There was one skater who was a bit larger than most and bald (think "Mr. Clean") who's skating partner was a waif of a girl. The highlight of the show was his throwing her all over the rink while seemingly floating all around the ice. They were great! After the show, my party made the 8:30pm dinner. Again, like I said, I was not using my official dining time as my dinner time. I would always eat dinner earlier and just meet up with my party here for social time with them. They all ate and then we all went back to our respective rooms to get ready to start the drinking night! We all met at one of the pubs for a drink and then near 10:45pm it was time to make the Arcadia Theatre for the "Love & Marriage Game Show" hosted by our Cruise Director, Graham Seymour. He chose a newly wed couple, a couple that had been married for approx. 10 years and an older couple married 60 years! Wow! Graham had a lot of fun with the older gentleman! The whole show was HILARIOUS! So much so that I literally and ACCIDENTALLY spit just a little of my beer on the young (25'ish) female sitting next to me. I apologized profusely!! And she was a good sport, took it in stride and said that she'd probably do the same and didn't blame me. (Graham! I believe you owe this girl an apology for being so funny! )

After the show, off to the Crypt and then to the Casino. Once at the Casino (alone), I had every intention to play the slots for about 10 bucks and then go get some sleep because we are in St. Maarten early tomorrow. That's when I found "Beverly" sitting at the Roulette table. This older woman seemed to be having so much fun and she was doing pretty good too by her chip stack. Now I had never ever even considered ever playing Roulette because it's well know that it has some of the worst odds and I had no idea how to play the game other than to know to put your money on a number and hope the ball lands on your number. I started watching Beverly play and learned there's a lot more to the game than what I knew. More than that, it actually looked kind of fun. I went and got 10 bucks and began to learn better how to play by actually playing. Beverly and then couple of other men sitting at the table were great! They were so funny! I won a little but it took about an hour to lose the 10 bucks. I didn't care, it was a wonderful time, I learned something new, and I found that this is not a game where I will come into thinking that I will ever win big. It's the game where I can have some fun with and not spend to much doing it! Off to bed!

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