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With all due respect, I presume then under your theory, that anyone who wasn't on the jury or did not watch every minute of the trial is not entitled to offer an opinion, which probably includes a lot if not most of us.

By the way, there was evidence of premeditation as Kuki stated. There was duct tape on the the head of the body. While there is always a defense, that in most but certianly not all criminal trials has successfully been easily proven as evidence of premeditation. I have attended trials where evidence much less than that has been accepted by a jury as premediation. Legally, premeditation can occur all the way up to minutes before the life is taken. The jury simply didn't believed the prosecution proved to the this jury's satisfaction beyond a reasonable doubt, that the woman committed the crime. I have yet to hear anyone of the alternates or the one juror that has been interviewed say that the act of taking Caylee's life, was probably not at least aggravated child abuse or manslaughter, only that the jury believed there wasn't enough evidence to prove it.

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