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Too bad Law & Order, the origianl ripped from the headline show, is off the air.

The madness that will happen next Wednesday, when Casey leaves jail, with all the "stuff" the state has to give back to her.

Nancy Grace is getting lambasted form every corner evn from the woman juror giving interviews yesterday. I can appreciate th victims advocate she is, which started withher fiance being murdered, so she has seem both side of the street.

But, her caustic and bombastic interview style, really lights the fire with all the crazies out there. I wonder how the lawsuits against her, in the Duckett dissapearance, and, consequent suicide of the Mother, which the family said was inflamed by Nancy's interview ended up

She nneds to tone it down a notch. I swear I though Dan Abrahms wanted to smack her a time or two.

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