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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
The reporting on this situation ,only on odd occassion mentions, that while onbobard, Celebrity did offer Mr. Keskeny the choice of hiring (and paying for) a personal aid for the duration of the cruise. He declined, and that's when he was put off the ship.

Sorry.. imho they got duped.
It is hard to believe that someone would think a butler's services would include nurse's aide. I am with Celebrity on this one-I guess they will add in their contracts a clause that says butlers do not do the services of a nurse aide.

As the previous poster mentioned, you can be liable if a person is hurt. Many years ago, I helped out a neighbor of an elderly friend (who lived in an old folks community) a few times, as my friend was very concerned about this woman. She should have been in a nursing home-completely bedridden and only had a nurse coming 3 days a week. She refused to go to a nursing home-because she said they would take all her money-it seemed she was worth a bit-and she wanted her nepehw to inherit what she had. She had no children and was 86-does that make good sense?

After she compalined that I heated her food too much and that she burnt her mouth, that was it. (she was a bit crotchety)I did not want her suing me. It is a shame today, you have to weigh doing a kindness against the possibility of getting sued.
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