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Hear! Hear!

I think the case would have been overturned actually either on incompetence by the lead Defense Attorney should the defendant have been convicted of anything important (but who now has suddenly become a hero in some quarters and has already now been contacted by the William Morris Agency for both he along with the Anthony woman) or else quite possibly for violation of the Miranda rights. What I saw wasn't an interview, it was an interrogation. I noticed the Defense team really has class. When they were celebrating in a restaurant right at the window and the public was outside demonstrating, the older guy (I forgot his hame) just gave them the finger. Really "professional" legal team, huh?

But I still love the juror who following the trial said he'd do an interview for six figures! Everybody's got dollar signs in their eyes!

But the best one was the big Porn company that wanted her to come do adult films and then quickly withdrew the offer because they didn't want to offend their customers!!!

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