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Annie, you may be right but you must consider if only just this.

There was conclusive forensic evidence that the child had duct tape in the area of her mouth. Secondly, the mother didn't even report her missing for I think over a month and kept lying about where she was. Why?

Now if the death was an accident, I would like to know the answers to those questions. If the baby had accidentally drowned, why all of the hullabaloo? Her very own tesitmony was enough to convict her in any court I've ever been in. She repeatedly lied not only to police but the prosecution and even her own lawyer threw his original defense right out the window which is practically unheard of.

I personally think the entire answer to the whole thing was the look on the parents faces as they got up and left right after the verdict was read and if anyone knows, they certainly do. The mother lied to save her child's life but I think it's obvious, they both knew she was responsible for their granddaughter's death.

But Dave said it best. Get the cameras out of the courtooms (but I don't think that's ever going to happen).

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