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Well it certainly looks not good thing is that it happend with NCL because they are a own cruiseline who dosent belongs to another cruiseline...

But abandoned ship ist the worst case...besides getting fired for sexual harassment

Here is how it works...NCL has a file about you and it will say what you did and what not...
It is an american major company they are the worst in spying and keeping secret files about their employees... so if let's say Holland-America wanna hire you they will call NCL,they will give out the informations and you are screwed...someone said to me the cruiseline world is like a small neighborhood.

Is it legal to have blacklists about Employess?...absolutly NO!! but american companys excuse me give a **** about labor rights etc..

I've heard that Carnival keeps a file about every employe who worked on one of their and their sister companys ships...

If there exists a file you can't clear your name from it because like i said it is illegal to have such files who can blacklist you for other cruiselines...

And you have to excuse me again..doesn't matter how worse it is on a should never abandoned ship without notice...could you imagine they would find out on sea and would believe that you are somewhere in the ocean...consider yourself lucky very lucky...they could sue you if that would happened...
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