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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
I have never worked FOR Steiner, but have had the misfortune to have to work WITH them on 23 different ships and 11 different cruise lines over the past 3 decades.

The attitudes and opinions expressed above pretty much tell the story. I cannot believe that this company gets away with what they do - to their employees and the cruising public.

Dishonest and unethical would be far too polite descriptions for Steiner. I really feel bad for their employees on my ships.

Unfortunately, every time a new Spa company comes along to compete with them, Steiner purchases the company and integrates all the new employees into their nightmare.
The problem is not Steiner...the problem are the cruise lines...because they get let's say 1 hour massage for 150 $...they get 85% from it 8.5 % is for you and the rest is for Steiner...
Steiner basicly only makes money with their crap products...that is the only thing they care about...

I worked as an massage therapist and i got a warning once for intimidate an client with the question "how is the cruise with your boyfriend?"

But when clients come back and complain about the product selling or they bring back the products they just will not get a warning whatsoever....and the cruiselines let them do.

i had an friend who also worked for Steiner and he was great in day i asked him why he is so successful...he told that after the massage he takes the products he wants to sell in front of the client and gives him orders like you have to take this product twice a week or this 3 times a week...the clients mostly just let him the end my friend always asks the client do you think you can do that for me..

He then packs the products in a bag and adds it to the bill...but the client still dont know how much they cost..the client sees it when he signs the bill and then leaves the Spa...

65% of clients come back the same or the next day and return the products...but 35% keep them because of beeing ashamed!

Steiner trains you to do exact like my friend did...after one contract i quit witrh them because i wanna provide a first class service without the pressure to sell is lying into the faces of every client..

But once again the cruiselines know everything and never stepped in...
I love america but the companys that america brought into the world are the worst of the human rights!!
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