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Cool Overweight on a cruise

OKAY, as one overweight woman to another...GET OVER IT!!!! Buy clothes that make you feel comfortable and in your mind attractive, and fit well,even a bathing suit..yes, a bathing suit. You will always find women much more overweight than you are in skimpy bathing suits or extremely tight clothes. You don't have to wear sacks or mummus!!! Many years ago I wore shorts for the first time in Aruba figuring nobody would know me..WRONG...I heard my name being called and no place to hide.. I do have a pair or two of shorts, but mainly capris and overblouses that I think are attractive.. Hold your head up high, wear clothes that fit, not are oversized and do your thing. There are many stores selling plus size clothes...GO FOR IT.. I have very funky jewelry that dress up my outfits, unusual handbags (parrot patterns), a big hat (have had skin cancer) and if other cruisers or people stare...THAT IS THERE PROBLEM..try a bit of self confidence...
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