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I was just thinking if you just needed a day hotel rather than paying $50, at least you get a free shuttle? works like hotwire. I used it twice last fall and got 5 star Intercontinental in Miami for $84 (no shuttle so I took the $2 city bus lol), when it would have cost over $300 to book direct. This site seems to only have deals in S. Florida. ... just offering another option. This was the only site that had the hotel at this price too. (unnamed).

I did book the $36 hotel too, and if its terrible, I have not lost much right? I also figured out which hotel it was (went to Expedia and matched up the picture) and read the reviews on tripadvisor before I committed to booking the hotel. (last 2 who wrote reviews said they were pleasantly surprised and that the hotel was being remodeled). Ill let you'all know how a $36 hotel worked out. .. including the shuttles both directions. Sounded like a steal to me with the shuttles.

I also found a few others in the Dania area especially that had shuttles both directions yesterday when I was booking and looking for hotels with shuttles both ways. .. just another option. No offense meant. Just saw that someone paid $50 for a day hotel and offering a idea was all.
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