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Originally Posted by robh View Post
We are booked for a cruise around Australia visting all the major cities and areas.
Will be in Sydney for four days in a hotel near the Opera House

Any suggestions on walking tours and can you buy a SIM card for your phone to use for phone and data just in Australia

Are US$ accepted or only Australia $

What are really neat things to buy and take home from Austalia, aside from Kola bears, kangaroos and beer
Hello Robin, thank you for your posts. I am planning, still planning, to take a long cruise from California to Australia (25 or 29 days they tell me) this Fall, 2011. Any suggestions that might be useful. I am traveling alone, and would like to know how I can cut my expenses. Would a cruise mate help for such a long travel? How would I go about doing that? I have a PhD, am in my 40s and have traveled - by plane, train and car mostly (around the world). I like smart, educated, not snobbish (but not crude either), sophisticated company. I am a heterosexual and would love to meet men with whom I can dance, dine, flirt and have fun with (in a decent intelligent way). Any recommendation on how to go about looking for the right cruises, what expenditure I can incur and how do I go about looking for a cruise mate with sense, sensitivity and responsibility?
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