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Originally Posted by Paul B View Post
Sudoku!! I have no trouble with the one , two and three star ones, but the four and five stars get rough and take longer.
Katrina & I race each other on the daily Sudoku whilst on ships - she nearly awlays wins :o( Last year I found her a Sudoku book with 3D puzzles. The best way I can describe it is to say imagine kiddies building blocks randomly stacked with numbers running around them, with the 1-9 range running between the bricks. They really do my brain in, but Katrina seems to be slowly making her way though it

I love logic & word puzzles, whilst Katrina is a big fan of Hanjie which is another Japanese puzzle with a grid of numbers & if you fill in the squares correctly you get a picture - some quite simple, so quite stunning see - play Hanjie online
and Yes, they even have multi-color puzzles for additional complexity.

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