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Originally Posted by Rev22:17 View Post

No, but the odds are a whole lot better because there are death threats. If the State of Florida enforces such a provision, Florida's law enforcement will have an absolute responsibility to ensure her personal safety. That probably would mean 24x7 police details at her home and 24x7 plainclothes details available to follow her whenever she goes out.

And since the probation does not include under house arrest, they have no legal basis to stop her from going out whenever she sees fit.

The better security would be to give her a new identity and a new 'do to change her appearance.

I understood we are NOT responsible to protect her. Once out of jail, she's on her own to figure things out. I imagine there will be someone watching over her a while, but it will be kept a secret so the public won't get enraged over "our" money being spent on this acquittal. She made her bed and holds the key to the answers, we all, including the judge know it. Why should we protect her?
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