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Originally Posted by Doug S View Post
It's really pretty sad. People making decisions as big as a cruise choice based on being able to smoke, not on which trip will be the best.

Call it what you like, freedom, rights, big brother, or whatever, but the fact is you are being irrationally controlled by an addiction. Your cigarettes are telling you what cruise you can take, not Princess cruise line. Princess is going out on a limb and listening to the majority of their cruisers who are adversely impacted by smoking, and protect their right not to inhale smoke.
I'm not sure if people will automatically change cruise lines based on the smoking restrictions alone but I know we suffered with the smoke problem for years on Princess & glad as most people are that the restrictions will finally be in place. Smokers still have the nearby places to smoke but at least the way it'll be set up won't irritate the majority of non smoking passengers.
It wouldn't surprise me to see HAL change their smoking policy to include rooms as well as balconies in a year or so depending on how well it goes on Princess.
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