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Default Oceania Cruises Loses a Customer

We have just joined Cruise Mates and would like to add our experience to the discussion re: the Insignia generator issue...We were booked (and fully paid) to sail on Oceania’s June 2011 “Land of the Midnight Sun” cruise to the Norwegian Fjords and the Polar Ice Cap when we received the email notification from Oceania stating that two of the ship’s four generators would be undergoing refurbishment during our cruise. This meant that the ship would be sailing under reduced propulsion and consequently shore time would be reduced by approximately 25%. Although we were very disappointed by the significant changes in the itinerary, we were far more distressed that Oceania would even consider sailing a ship into the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans that was operating on half of its designed generator capacity. Although Oceania stated that the presence of factory technicians onboard performing the repairs during our cruise would “not hamper guest safety, ship’s operation, seaworthiness or the safety of Insignia”, we felt that the mere possibility of a reduction in safety and seaworthiness was unacceptable and we refused to subject ourselves to any increased safety risk or worry whatsoever. Having excitedly anticipated this trip for over eight months, it was with great disappointment that we canceled our cruise and requested a refund of all monies paid. We were shocked when Oceania imposed a penalty of 50% of our cruise fee. Through our travel agent, we made several attempts to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement including credit towards the next sailing of “Land of the Midnight Sun”, but Oceania refused. Being enthusiastic and experienced international travelers, we have grown accustomed to being treated with a high degree of consideration by hotel chains, tour companies and cruise lines. We expected no less from Oceania Cruises, to whom we had entrusted significant vacation dollars. We are extremely dissatisfied with this outcome and would like to make it crystal clear to other travelers that Oceania Cruises care more about avoiding loss in revenue, such as would have been the case if the repairs to the Insignia had been performed during a short-term dry docking, than it does about its passengers. In our case, instead of accepting a loss in revenue, Oceania elected to pass the “costs” of the required reconditioning of the ship’s generators on to paid-in-full passengers in the form of what would have been a less secure overall cruise experience.
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