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Originally Posted by j4w View Post
We have just joined Cruise Mates and would like to add our experience to the discussion re: the Insignia generator issue...We were booked (and fully paid) to sail on Oceania’s June 2011 “Land of the Midnight Sun” cruise to the Norwegian Fjords and the Polar Ice Cap when we received the email notification from Oceania stating that two of the ship’s four generators would be undergoing refurbishment during our cruise. This meant that the ship would be sailing under reduced propulsion and consequently shore time would be reduced by approximately 25%. Although we were very disappointed by the significant changes in the itinerary, we were far more distressed that Oceania would even consider sailing a ship into the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans that was operating on half of its designed generator capacity.
Several cruises were changed around due to the ongoing work on the generators
I do not believe Oceania would sail if it meant endangering it's passengers

If YOU cancel a cruise for any reason then you pay the cancellation penalty ..I am surprised your TA did not mention this.
I know many people do not read the fine print but always a good idea to check the cancellation terms
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