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Default USA USA USA USA in world cup final YEAH!

So the USA Women's national team is in the World Cup Final.

They had a tough road to get there. The game against brazil the US goolkeeper Hope Solo blocked a penalty kick (she is amazing). Then the referee called it back, which was a messed up call in my opinion. So the game ended 1-1 tie so two 15 minute halfs of overtime were played. Brazil scores so now it's 2-1. Then one of the Brazil players lays on the ground trying to eat time of the clock my faking an injury (this happens alot in soccer/futbol).:evil: Which leaves 3 minutes of injury time. About a 1 or 2 into the injury time Abby Wambach (USA) scores the tying goal. So now it's a penalty shot out. USA makes all their penalty kicks. Hope Solo saves one of the penalty shots from Brazil. USA wins!!!

USA moves on to play France. Boy was that an exciting game. France played really well. In the start of the second half the game was tied 1-1 and I really thought France might beat us. But we scored 2 unanswered goals and now we are in the final game to the World Cup.

The Final Match will be played on Sunday at 2PM eastern time. GO USA!!!!
U.S. Advances to Women's World Cup Final -
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