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My favorite at home game is Munchkin! This is sort of a tongue in cheek card version of Dungeons and Dragons, with much of the humor directed at teen age boys. For example, one monster card is "Moon Maidens. You cannot use a weapon to fight them, you must chastise them with your bare hand." A bit of thought will suggest the art work that is on the card ... One of the steeds is the Turtle. Riding it gives you an armor bonus, but if you need to run away you have to abandon (discard) it.

On board ship I always take a Mensa book of Cryptic Crosswords and another of Diagramless Crosswords. My favorite Cryptic clue of all time is "Wyatt sharpens a headset" (the answer is "Earp hones -- earphones") For the plane I buy a Variety Crosswords at the newstand for mindless entertainment.

And online -- ah, online. There it is Lord of The Rings Online, a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). I play a hobbit hunter with a legendary bow who is currently riding toward Rohan with the Gray Company of Rangers.

Retirement is wonderful ... :o

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