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I was thinking that this was going to be difficult because 2 days on the ship would have me confused but as I think about it. The first day was an "inside" day mostly because we were so burned and water logged from the beach and pool days. The 2nd day was an outside day once again.

We woke up late knowing that there was really no place to go but somewhere in the ship so why the hurry today?!

There really is a ton of stuff to do on the ship and it's all happening all the time. The things that were going on this day that I had absolutely NO interest in was, well, just about everything to be honest. Yes, I am just THAT boring! lol Things they offered were a ton of fitness stuff (Yea, right! lol), cooking lessons, adult scrapbooking (WTH is "adult" scrapbooking? Pasting pictures of nude people? ), movies in the Screening Room (why on earth would I want to watch a movie in a theater on a cruise!?), Trivia (I am not that smart!), Seminar on "How to plump your lips & smooth your wrinkles" (I kid you not! lmao), Bingo (no, I forgot to bring my card dabbers! ), Introduction to Acupuncture and Cellulite Solutions, both separate seminars respectively (ummm,,,, no). The ONLY thing in the morning that I was interested in at all was the $1 and $2 Texas Hold'em cash poker game BUT at 10AM!? Poker is like a whiskey and coke, I can't handle it before 5pm! lol

Well, I just did my own thing pretty much. Walking around the ship, checking things out. Finally walking through the ships stores and people watching. I was alone mainly because the daughter and niece was still in pool and sun mode and my brothers wife had crazy sun burns on her legs and her feet and ankles looked like stumps due to swelling so he stayed in with her to nurse her back to health. I really didn't mind because I knew we would be all together for dinner, the show and the late show. I needed some alone time anyway. At 1pm, I did go out on deck to check out the Men's International Belly Flop Competition hosted by Graham Seymour. I got there just a tad late and Graham had already picked out the contestants and judges. He picked out 4 young and attractive females as judges. By the time the competition was in it's finals, there was 2 big, fat guys left and 1 skinny young and attractive guy left. They performed a belly flop-off for the judges to pick the winner. The smaller of the fat guys did the best overall belly flop in my opinion but who do you think the young girls chose? Yep, the young skinny good looking guy after he was waving his tush in front of them. RIGGED I TELL YA!

I did lunch as usual in the Windjammer. I made it a point to eat with my back to the counters and facing the windows. What a great view! It was a very reflective time, I think I may have come up with a cure for something in my contemplative state but by dessert I forgot. After lunch I forwent learning to make mousse, Latin Line Dancing, a seminar to relieve joint pain, learning to make Thai Beef Salad and a lecture on how to improve my memory (damn! maybe I should've taken that one before lunch! ). I also had no interest in Acupuncture for weight loss, Children's Puppet Show (actually, I may have enjoyed that one!), Pathway to Yoga, and Advanced Napkin Artistry (I mean, I didn't even take Introductory to Napkin Artistry yet!) lol I may have been interested in the "Informal Singles Get-together at the Sky Bar" since I AM single but I stopped by one of those already and found that it's no different than a normal day there since it was Informal and you couldn't tell the single girls from the married ones. Oh well. I just checked out our pictures in the photo shop. Which I swore I would never buy a picture that the company took because it would be a waste of money since I can take my own pictures BUT I broke down and bought a nice one of my daughter and I from the first formal night. Speaking of Formal Night, this was day 6 and our final Formal Night. Before that though, we made the 7pm show this night. It was a Production Show called "Once Upon A Time". It was a great show! I'm not one of those "broadway" loving type guys but this was a great show. Also, my lovely blond dancer was in it! Time for our last formal night and then to see our Cruise Director, Graham Seymour's Standup Comedy Show at 11:15pm. He announced this show a couple of times during other events and shows and made it a point to suggest NO kids. Adults only!

I didn't eat dinner before hand in the Windjammer because this night they were serving lobster and I wanted plenty of THAT action! I had Prime Rib and 2 lobster tails! I found it odd that we had to request drawn butter. Hmmm... It was very good. Then off we went back to our rooms to change out of the stuffy suits and ties and meet back up for Graham's comedy show. I got there in plenty of time to get good seats but as usual, my brother and his wife were dragging a,, I mean,, a little late. By the time they got there, it was STANDING ROOM ONLY! Grrrr!!! Well, we did find 1 seat for his wife and us men stood. I really didn't mind, it was hilarious and a great show. Remember this people, this is the most popular show on the cruise (other than maybe the ICE Show) so get there early for good seats. Graham only does this show once unlike the other shows which usually have 2 showings, one at 7pm and one at 9pm. After the show, my brother and his wife called it a night due to her feet and legs (this woman is only 40!). I sympathized with her though. I then went to see what was going down in the Crypt Disco Dance Club. Most nights there they have a DJ playing dance and techno until very late. As I sat at the bar, I noticed a guy that ran out of money on his Seapass card, he was already pretty drunk and started having words with the staff. He was then cut off and he left in a huff. Cruise ship or local nightclub, the problems are the same I guess. lol I met a chubby slightly older woman that I was not attracted to but was nice to talk to who bought me a shot of tequila. She pretty much let me know she was interested, if you know what I mean. Well, THIS was my chance! My chance to have a crazy story of a wild night on a cruise ship having sex in the Caribbean with someone I have never met and will probably never see again! You know, a "whatever happens in Vegas, stay's in Vegas" type of story!!!

I pictured this moment many times,,, except the girl in the story was in her late 20's, we hit the hot tub first and I was 30 pounds lighter and more drunk!

I went to bed.

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