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Well, here we are at the last day.

I honestly thought that it would not go this fast. Amazing! Last night I received luggage tags to disembark and was to have my luggage tagged and outside my door between 7pm-3am. I must have preregistered for luggage tags because I automatically got a 7am tag. Heck no! I was bound and determined to be the last person off of this ship so I went to the service desk and got later luggage tags! Keep in mind that you need to leave out a change of clothes and everything that you may need out of the checked luggage. They also only serve breakfast really early and in one part of the ship. I don't remember because I knew I was not waking up that early.

Anyway, I had 1 more day on the ship to look forward to so we wanted to make the most of it.

Today was a sun and water day! The Cruise Compass looked about the same as yesterday even with the poker game at 10:45am. Wish they would move that to the afternoon. Oh well. All I knew was that they had a big show in the Royal Promenade called Dreamworks Move It! Move It! at 5:45 so we had 6 hours to get re-burned by the sun and get our fill of water at the pool. The last 2 days at the pool were, of course, pretty crowded. Surprisingly enough, we found 3 deck chairs next to each other right near the pool! We enjoyed one more day by on deck 11! I even went to the Windjammer and made me a lunch plate and took it back to my chair by the pool to eat not wanting to waste the sun! It didn't take long for the sun to win our war of who stays out the longest and I went back to my room about 4pm or so. I just relaxed, showered and changed for the show. My party all gathered in the Royal Promenade around 5:30 and people were already lining the "street". The last show we saw in the Royal Promenade was the Britania Rock Show and we stood right in front of Ben & Jerry's and couldn't really see things that well so we knew to stand more near the center of the Promenade this time. THE BEST PLACE TO SEE ROYAL PROMENADE SHOWS ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE "BULL & BEAR PUB" (either side of the "street"). It was basically a very entertaining musical parade with stilt clown walkers, cast and crew in costumes and featuring Dreamworks characters such as Shrek... My favorite part was my blonde dancer muse up on the bridge in a either princess or good witch costume. It was a fun show especially for the kids!

I then went to dinner as usual in the Windjammer and for the first time, everyone in my party came with me. They must have been hungry. We then hurried and made the Farewell Show Spectacular in the Arcadia Theatre all the way across the ship but like I said, by this time we really knew how to get around fast and just shot through the 10 floor stateroom hallways and bam! We were there. Graham Seymour decided he was going to sing a song. We all thought it was going to be some kind of funny song or he was going to make it funny. For the life of me I can't remember what the song was but I do recall it was a serious song and he sang really good! Then the show's comedian came out and he was really funny. His set wasn't very long and I was very surprised he didn't have his own main show on the cruise. This was the first I ever seen or heard of him. Graham rounded out the show with everyone singing and dancing and wishing us all a grand farewell. This is when it really hit you that this was coming to an end. We all made the last dinner in the dining room but we all ate very little. We mainly made it to say farewell to our waiters and staff.

We had every intention to making the late show, "Majority Rules Game Show" in the Pharoahs Palace but for some reason we all decided to hit the hot tub. We gathered some beers and drinks and spent a nice time in the hot tub until around midnight or soand called it a night. After I went back to my room, I figured I'd go make one last stop in the Crypt since I was not planning on waking up early. I only went for about an hour and back to my room. I started to fill out the Customs Card they sent to my room earlier but then decided that I didn't need to since I had nothing to declare. Mistake! Make sure you fill that card out ahead of time. Anyway, I set a wake up call for 9:30am (HA!) and went to bed.

DISEMBARKATION,,, FIRE!!!!! (at least that's what it seemed like).

I will be the first to admit, I am a big grump in the morning. I like things to go nice and quiet for about an hour after I wake up. HA!

My phone rang at about 8am with a real live person cheerfully saying it's time to disembark. I said ok and hung up. Back to sleep. KNOCK! KNOCK! I ignored that. Then I heard knocking on other doors outside. KNOCK! KNOCK! I got up and answered the door. There's a smiling cheerful guy, (I don't know) saying it's time to disembark! Ok, I said and closed the door. Not 2 minutes later RING! RING! My daughter on the phone, "Daddy, where are you? We are in the Windjammer and they called our number!! It's time to go!!!" Good God! I wanted to break something! Instead, I calmly brushed my teeth, got into my clothes (no shower, no coffee), gathered my things and headed one floor up to the Windjammer where my whole party was sitting and waiting. I asked them all, Where's the fire?! My lovely daughter just said that they called our number and her aunt made her call me to leave. Ummm,,,,ok. The staff was nice! Cheerful! Respectful! But they sure as hell was going to get you off that ship!!

After waiting for about 20 minutes, we were lined up near Customs ready to leave the ship. That African American girl I mentioned earlier, the one that was having such a great time at Cuzzin's in St. Thomas, was sitting with her friend in a corded off section of Custom's both crying their heads off. I had no idea why but they were detained for some reason and I wasn't going to ask. We got to the Customs agent and he asked me for the Declarations Card that I decided not to fill out the night before. I told him I had nothing to declare. He said, back of the line and to the desk where they had the cards. Well, evidentally you have to fill one out anyway. As I read the card, it looked to me be filled out only if there's something to declare. There is nowhere on the card that said "nothing to declare".Oh well, I thought. I just put my name in the space and left the rest blank. I got back to the Custom's Agent and handed him the card and we went through. Well, that was pointless I thought. We then went to the baggage area and retrieved our checked luggage. We then had a short walk to where the shuttles and taxi's were and waited for a Thrifty Car Rental shuttle to make it there. No problems except my nephew's girlfriend left her suitcase on the shuttle parking area as we would find out later at our hotel in Orlando. We tracked it down and they were shipping it home to her. lol

All in all, a great experience. Yes, there were bumps here and there but that is to be expected on a first timers cruise. I took it all in stride and had a wonderful time! Hope you all enjoyed it and Happy Cruising!

Thanks for taking the time relive and enjoy it with me!


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