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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
I suggested long ago that the cruise lines take 10% of cabins and located them on the aft of the ship, and designate them smoking allowed cabins.

The smoke would then be limited to that area, and on a moving ship, would dissipate pretty quickly in that location. Those booking in that area would know they are booking into a smoking area.

Of course there would be the non-smokers who'd complain they are being denied the ability to book those aft cabins, without putting up with smoke
That would be us ! I really have never had a problem with a "sniff" of smoke from a nearby balcony while the ship is moving. It blows away very quickly. Maybe there should be rules about where you're allowed to smoke when in port?

Those of you who suggest "one side smoking, the other non", it just wouldn't work. Some cruise's you'd have a lot of smoker's, other cruise's you'd have just a few.

IMHO, the cruise lines have done their best to make everyone happy, re smoking, and until smoking is made illegal ALL over the world, we need to be accomodating for everyone. Remember that not everyone who cruise's is from the US!
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