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Kat..I'll let you in on a little secret...he was always planning on watching the match..he just was waiting for you to ask him it is the patriotic duty of every red blooded American male to support our Women's World Cup team on Sunday..we have to do something to replace our football jones...funny that most American men (born and raised ) did not watch the Men's World Cup but we are trying to make up for it now

the USA has such a height advantage (but not speed)..I predict it will be a great match, USA will win on penalty kicks and Ms. Solo will sign an endorsement deal with an optical company

my neighbor's 9 year old daughter is the goalie for her soccer team and she is planning a big party for Sunday...I went online to try to buy an official team jersey for her and they cost more than an NFL Saints Reggie Bush SuperBowl jersey.. hate to see how much they will cost when the USA wins on Sunday

this is a big deal for young girls who play sports
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