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Originally Posted by Fern View Post
That would be us ! I really have never had a problem with a "sniff" of smoke from a nearby balcony while the ship is moving. It blows away very quickly. Maybe there should be rules about where you're allowed to smoke when in port?

Those of you who suggest "one side smoking, the other non", it just wouldn't work. Some cruise's you'd have a lot of smoker's, other cruise's you'd have just a few.

IMHO, the cruise lines have done their best to make everyone happy, re smoking, and until smoking is made illegal ALL over the world, we need to be accomodating for everyone. Remember that not everyone who cruise's is from the US!
Maybe you haven't had a problem with smoke on the balconies but we've had the problem on almost all the cruises we've been on. Sometimes it's just sickening, sometime just annoying and the wind never just carries the smoke away as you say. It's always 1 smoker after the next lighting up to make life miserable for many people.

Originally Posted by anniegb View Post

First of all no solution will make 100% people happy.

I am not from the US but I cancelled a planned vacation to Hawaii which would have included a trip on the POA simply because I could not book a cabin in a non-smoking section of the vessel.

You may well be right in saying dividing a vessel into smoking and non-smoking sides may not work but has anyone tried it?

I have said before I can book a hotel room on a non-smoing floor why can I not do the same on a vessel?

NCL had 1 side of their ships designated a smoking some years ago & found it impossible to control. Princess has solves the problem once & for all.
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