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Originally Posted by venice View Post
Kat...excellent pre game analysis..the problem in this Country is that women's sports are an event and not incorporated into our culture (like NFL football)..these talented female athletes will disappear 1 week after Sunday's game never to be heard from again (except at next years ESPN ESPY awards)..the other challenge is that there are so many misguided stereotypes about female athletes (remember the Olympic games when the Iron Curtain was in effecti.e. the East German teams), that the media has turned to promoting s*x over talent..I bet Ms. Solo will get a call from Hugh Hefner but the male goalie of the USA World Soccer Cup team won't

it's fortunate, that due to your outstanding training of your husband (i.e. water torture ::: when he watches the match on Sunday he will only be watching the incredible athletic play and nothing else

if Japan is leading 4-1 with a minute to go, tv's will be turned off in droves and outside of the real fans, no one will the 1999 Women World Cup champions did an exhibition tour before they went to the World Cup and they came to New Orleans and put on a clinic for Special Olympics female was awesome and yes I have a Mia Hamm singed poster in my den
You are totally right on this. 3 of the French women team's players appeared nude in a French magazine to promote the sport. Meanwhile none of the male French soccer players needed to do the same thing. It's a shame that the female athletes have to go to such extremes to promote the sport. Or at the very least I want the male soccer players doing nude photo shots. It's only fair.

I went to the 1999 world cup games that were played in California including the Semi Final game USA against Brazil. It was an exciting match. The final was played in LA so I missed that game.
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