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I post on the forum for the group cruises TA that I have lately been doing and was all YEA about a lot of Conquest cruises offered. and other people are sneering. Some times I feel like the low of the low defending my Carnival choices. If a great Carnival choice comes along I can drive to, I cannot resist.

I'v had 5 Conquest cruises in the last 3 years, skipping this year. I booked 3 of them in Sept as thats a good time to cruise, then the swine flu came along and Carnival could not go to Mexico and I got a last minute for $289 pp for a port hole cabin. Of course I took it. Then one of the Sept cruises, which was with some Crazies, some decided to stay on another week. The next week was my birthday, and I got a price of $399 and so I said why not and it was a lovely week to do a B2B as it turned out.

The cruise vouchers I have now been booking thru have as of late offered SIX Conquest group cruises. I signed up for 2, but managed to change one to the Magic when it was later offered. So, next year back on Conquest.

I have to say Im more looking forward to Magic than Conquest, but I cant resist a deal. I invited a Crazie friend to be a roomie on Conquest and she was like .. this is my 8th time on Conquest, so she isnt so sure she wants to go now. All of us Texans have been on close by ships too many times if we cruise a lot.. but its so darn convenient.
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